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InternalBrace? Ligament Augmentation Repair

Brostrom repair with InternalBrace™ ligament augmentation exceeds the native ATFL strength,1 does not violate normal tissue, and helps protect the ligament repair while it matures, allowing early mobility during recovery and a quicker return to activity.2 The InternalBrace 2.0 system provides surgical versatility with added size and material options. It comes with a talus offset guide allowing for reproducible anatomic placement of the talus SwiveLock® anchor. Surgeons can drill, tap, and implant the SwiveLock anchor through the guide. The InternalBrace system allows the surgeon to augment their lateral or medial ankle instability repair and can be used in chronic ankle injuries and revisions.



1. Viens NA, Wijdicks CA, Campbell KJ, Laprade RF, Clanton TO. Anterior talofibular ligament ruptures, part 1: biomechanical comparison of augmented Broström repair techniques with the intact anterior talofibular ligament. Am J Sports Med. 2014;42(2):405-411. doi:10.1177/0363546513510141.

2. Coetzee JC, Ellington JK, Ronan JA, Stone RM. Functional results of open Broström ankle ligament repair augmented with a suture tape. Foot Ankle Int. 2018;39(3):304-310. doi:10.1177/1071100717742363.

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